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YES CEO, Tim Lang discusses drop in youth labour force participation

YES in the Media

 CFRA Ottawa

 With the economy bouncing back and help from organizations like YES, youth employment has increased significantly since the height of the pandemic.  The bad news is, fewer youth are looking for work.  YES President & CEO discussed the situation and possible solutions on CFRA Ottawa.  “The good news is the pandemic has made more youth reflective and seek up-skilling and new job training, like the ones YES offers in cloud computing  or  cyber security, funded by the Government of Ontario.  The bad news is we have seen an increase in mental health issues which may be part of the reason fewer youth are actively looking for work”, Lang said.  “We are hopeful originations like YES, which help give confidence and new hope to youth, along with our cognitive behavioural therapy and other help for mental health issues, will result in more youth engagement in job searches and employment.  This will help create a positive and fulfilling life for so many”.