Book – Good Job! Book

Book: Good Job!

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Good Job! A Young Person’s Guide to Finding, Landing, and Loving a Job by Nancy Schaefer

“I wrote this book to encourage you to believe in yourself. You will get a job,” Nancy Schaefer, President, YES.

The best book on the market for youth

  • Good Job!… Written specifically for youth.
  • It’s cool and practical.
  • Straightforward, expert advice, plain language… all the basic information to find a job.
  • It’s easy to read. Good Job! has tips, checklists, do’s and don’ts.

Written with the help of young people

  • Young people helped the author, Nancy Schaefer, to ensure Good Job! is youth focused.
  • Good Job! is youth friendly and easy to read.
  • Good Job! understands the difficulties youth face in entering the job market.

You’ll be happy to learn Good Job! is perfect for parents and teachers

  • Good Job! is a resource book in the Grade 10 Career Studies course in high schools across Ontario.
  • It’s the perfect book for parents with teenagers.
  • As President of YES, Nancy Schaefer is an expert in the field of youth employment.

Being young and looking for work has its advantages. Remind yourself that you have lots to offer an employer. Think positive…
I’m young and full of energy.
I’m creative and have fresh ideas.
I can learn new things.
I feel like I can do just about anything.

ns2NANCY SCHAEFER is President of Youth Employment Services YES, Canada’s first youth employment counselling centre established in 1968. Under Nancy’s leadership, YES has grown into an award winning Centre of Excellence for Youth Employment and Empowerment serving well over 100,000 youth. Nancy has been a tireless advocate for youth employment and entrepreneurship for more than 20 years and appears frequently in the media to remind the public of the important role young people play in our workplaces, our communities and the economy.

We thank The Atkinson Foundation, The McLean Foundation, The Raptors Foundation, the K.M. Hunter Foundation, The Counselling Foundation of Canada and Stoddart Publishing for supporting Good Job!