Book – Good Work

Book: Good Work!

Good Work! Facilitator's Guide Book Cover

Good Word! Facilitator’s Guide

The Good Work! facilitator’s guide is designed to assist career and guidance counsellors/job coaches in both employment centres and in secondary schools as they support young people who are preparing to enter the workforce or start a business. These young people need
the knowledge and skills to seek employment or to pursue an entrepreneurial dream.

The guide offers those who are facilitating this learning suggestions and strategies for using the information in Good Work! Get a Great Job or Be Your Own Boss: A Young Person’s Guide (link to good work book) to assist young people in acquiring the skills necessary to allow them to proceed on the path to career success.

Facilitators should access appropriate sections to meet the learner’s needs from the suggested strategies, models of worksheets, and templates.


Designed to support facilitators in advising young people, this guide presents strategies and exercises for having them:

  • Match their interests and skills to the best possible job choice
  • Become skilled at completing job applications
  • Complete a winning résumé
  • Write an appealing cover letter tailored to each employment position
  • Handle interview questions
  • Maintain positive working relations on the job


For young entrepreneurs more interested in starting their own business, facilitators can assist
them to:

  • Assess their self-employment readiness
  • Determine their location on the business development continuum
  • Create a thorough business plan
  • Learn about business financials by developing budgets
  • Conduct market research and develop a marketing plan
  • Incorporate advice from flourishing entrepreneurs to create and maintain a successful business