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Toronto’s youth are struggling more than anyone else to find jobs. Our youth unemployment rate is at 22%. This is more than triple Canada’s general unemployment rate (7.1%) and higher than our provincial (15.3%) and national (13%) youth unemployment rates.

Even highly educated and qualified youth are reporting that they are struggling to find a job. What about those less fortunate? What about those young people facing challenges such as a lack of formal education, homelessness, having a criminal record, a mental illness, or an addiction?

Unemployment has significant consequences on the youth themselves but also on the community and economy.

According to research, employment affects our physical, mental and social health. Unemployed people have a weaker sense of self and purpose, less opportunities for personal growth, a reduced life expectancy, and suffer more health problems as compared to people who have a job. What will happen to our future if almost 20% of our youth are experiencing diminished physical, mental and social states?

What about our community and our economy? When our youth work, our community works. When youth become contributing members of society, our economy booms. when they are disengaged and relying heavily on social assistance, our economy weakens.

When youth have access to employment and educational opportunities, they can make healthy and positive decisions. When they don’t, our community pays the price.

This is why youth need YES: to ensure that they receive specialized support that will help them access the right opportunities and prepare for, find, and maintain a job.

YES is the largest and most experienced youth employment counseling centre in Canada. We have supported hundreds of thousands of youth since our inception in 1968.

YES is proud to have received a 4 Star rating, the highest possible, on Charity IntelligenceCharity Intelligence Logo

What Youth are Saying about Us

“Before YES I was unemployed and hanging around with the wrong crowd. I lost my father at a young age. I did some time and then realized I wanted to change my life. I came to YES because I wanted to get a job. I got sent out on interviews and got employed at Thomson Hotel. I love this program!” – Kristoff

“I’m from Benin in West Africa. My life was pretty depressing before attending YES. I just finished school and had no income. I was referred to a job but at the end of training I was told I didn’t meet their standards. I got pretty depressed with shame and feelings of inferiority. I found out about YES and signed up. I am now really glad I went through that situation which led me to YES. YES helped me learn a lot and gave me hope and confidence about myself” – Senab

“Before attending YES I was frustrated on a daily basis. I was homeless, lacked proper interview clothes and no matter how many jobs I applied for I couldn’t find work. YES has found me employment and given me the skills to keep my employment.” – Wendy



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