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BizStart Entrepreneurship FAQ’s


1. What is the BizStart program?          

The BizStart program helps you develop  entrepreneurial skills as well as broader employability skills. It is a full-time, five month program which helps  you build your business. 

In the program you will receive tailored entrepreneurial training to develop and launch your business by the end of the project. Furthermore, business consultants will be working with you in a consulting capacity to ensure that your business plan reflects market reality.


2. What training is provided through the BizStart program and what are the different phases of the program? 

Employability Skills and Employability-Based Training – Phase 1

Participants will receive essential skills, employability and entrepreneurial training to enable them to better prepare for entrepreneurship and employment in the current labour market.

Entrepreneurial Skills Training and Business Plan Development – Phase 2

Participants will receive entrepreneurial and business skills training as well as business plan development workshops.

Business Launch and Entrepreneurial Operations – Phase 3

Participants will engage in active business start-up, operations, and growth activities which will allow them to enhance the business skills they acquired from the previous phase.

Mentorship – part of Phase 3

During the business launch and entrepreneurial operations phase the participants will be matched with a mentor and exposed to various forms of mentorship. 


3. Who can apply to the BizStart Program ?

The BizStart program is open to youth between the ages of 16-29 living within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


4. What types of businesses are accepted?

BizStart accepts all types of businesses, from app developers to musicians.  Creative and  Non creative business are all welcome.


5. Does my business need to be registered before I apply?

 No, your business does not need to be registered before you apply. BizStart will provide you with resources to assist with the application process.


6. Can I register if I am only in the beginning stages of my business?

Yes, as an entrepreneurship training program we have catered the curriculum to assist with businesses that are in the beginning or middle stages.


7. What topics will be covered in the 5 months program?

Training components include marketing, management, web design business planning and other business related topics


8. Will BizStart help me complete my business plan?

 Yes, we provide resources and support to assist you with the completion of your business plan.


9. What are the hours for the BizStart program?

It’s a full time program from Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm, for 30hrs a week.


8. When is the start date?

Our next start date will be May 4th,  2020.


9. How many students will be enrolled in each class?

 We will have 35 students in the next cohort.


10. When is the last day to apply?

The application deadline is for the next BizStart Program cohort is March 20th, 2020, by 4pm.


11. Where is the BizStart program’s location?

Youth Employment Services YES

555 Richmond Street West

Suite 711

Toronto, ON M5V 3B1

Tel: 416-504-5516


For more information on BizStart or other entrepreneurship programs please contact us:
555 Richmond St. W. # 711
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1
416-504-5516 X 231

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