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Giving Tuesday is here! A national day of giving back to your community, Giving Tuesday represents the coming together of millions of people to support the causes they believe in.

How can compassionate people like you make a big impact this year? Support youth with the gift that will last them a lifetime – meaningful employment.

This year, to demonstrate the impact of YES programs and services, we are sharing three stories from program participants, about the impact that YES programming has made on their lives, and how it has helped them gain resilience for the future!

Will you donate to support a lifetime of change for youth today?


Want to donate your time instead? Our Mentorship Hub is looking for professionals in the tech and trades industry to help support our Workforce Development Programs. We are also looking for volunteers with experience in entrepreneurship.

 This Giving Tuesday, give the gift of your expertise to youth looking to break into these in-demand industries!

 Learn more here: https://www.yes.on.ca/yes-mentorship-hub/