Abdul’s Story

Our Clients' Success Stories

My name is Abdul and I am 23 years old. I came to Canada just one month ago to escape war in my home country of Sierra Leone, Africa. My younger brother and I live with my aunt. I don’t like asking for money, so I needed to find a job to help take the pressure off my aunt because she is supporting us. To help me do this, she brought me to the Youth Job Centre. At the Youth Job Centre I met a job counsellor. He made me feel comfortable and helped me believe that I would be able to find work. I attended workshops to learn how to write a resume and cover letter, and to help with my interview skills. My counsellor reviewed my resume and assisted me in making it professional. He then referred me to an employer for an interview, and I got hired.

If not for the Youth Job Centre, I would not have been able to find work. Now I am working and helping my family.