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YES 2 Tech Learn and Earn

The YES 2 Tech Learn and Earn (Y2TLE) program will prepare you for a drastically shifting workforce.

With technology, changing demographics and globalization altering the types of jobs available and the skills required for them, we need to ensure that you are provided with the ability to develop the knowledge, values and a diverse range of critical thinking, communication and information management skills for the digital age in order to gain a competitive edge in the labour market.

Y2TLE will help you to develop both soft skills and the global skills that are portable and transferable between occupations and help you pass the test of disruption. These skills, including competencies such as collaboration and teamwork, communication, adaptability, empathy and conceptual thinking, provide a competitive advantage for you to obtain jobs today and in the future. We will also provide skills’ training that is closely linked to work placement opportunities that will support you with job readiness. Participants will also be supported by a career counselor, have access to mentors and pre-employment training.


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