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Tech Workforce Development programs will prepare you for a drastically shifting workforce.

With technology, changing demographics and globalization altering the types of jobs available and the skills required for them, we need to ensure that you are provided with the ability to develop the knowledge, values and a diverse range of critical thinking, communication and information management skills for the digital age in order to gain a competitive edge in the labour market.

As we know, the world is changing, technology is advancing, and this means the job market is changing too…

  • The youth unemployment rate has recently risen to about 30%
  • There is a shortage of cloud technology trained professionals
  • There are 500,000 unfilled jobs in this sector

The following tech programs will provide participants with the necessary skills and competencies to compete in today’s economy, preparing them for in-demand jobs in the field of Information Technology in Toronto and Ontario.

YES2Tech Learn & Earn

Participants develop soft skills and global skills that are portable and transferable between occupations to pass the test of disruption. Together, YES and Amazon Web Services provide the 12 week AWS re/Start training through scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework for participants to gain the skills needed for entry level cloud-roles. Plus, participants receive an extra 3 weeks YES specific training for employment preparedness.

All participants access the Future Skills curriculum, YES’ pre-employment training, are connected to mentors, career counselors and job developers and have access to job fairs and wraparound supports.

Applications for this program is now open: click here to register

Click here to learn more about the YES2Tech Learn & Earn Program and to learn how to apply.

Career JumpStart: CyberSecurity Analyst Project

Our program will help match young job seekers with the skills and connections needed to fill this in-demand field, while also providing resources and strategies to support the mental health of young workers.

This program offers youth a supportive environment to obtain in-demand skills and, with YES’ leadership and employment opportunities, to become empowered in their employment goals.

Click here to learn more about Career JumpStart: CyberSecurity Analyst Project.


The Yes2Tech program is currently not active.

This program offers youth a supportive environment to obtain in-demand skills and, with YES’ leadership and employment opportunities, to become empowered in their employment goals. Participants participate in the 12 week AWS re/Start program as well as 3 weeks of soft skills training in valuable pre-employment workshops. Participants also have the opportunity to gain facilitation skills, by facilitating basic digital literacy workshops to youth throughout YES programs. This program will also culminate in a Toronto roundtable event bringing together, VIPs, though leaders, industry experts, employers, partners and youth.


This Yes2Cloud program is currently not active.

The YES2Cloud program allows clients to access free cloud technology training, earn badges and certificates, and access entry-level or advanced cloud jobs. YES has partnered with three online cloud training platforms which include: AWS Educate, IBM SkillsBuild and SAS.

  • AWS Educate – learn through AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathways and specialty badges, and online workshops and webinars to help them continue to build cloud skills.
  • SkillsBuild is proud to offer accredited badges to certify learning, so potential employers can trust the quality of education.
  • SAS E-Learning for Academics provides online courses and teaching materials to learn today’s most in-demand technologies and get certified.

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