Sample Cover Letter

Here is a great cover letter where you have no direct experience but do have some indirect experiences which are relevant:

Jesse Brown
36 Custer St.,
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2K8
Tel: 604-555-1175

May 22, 2000

Felix Katz
Manager, CD Emporium
420 McDonald Ave., Suite 102
Vancouver, BC
V3T 5K7

Dear Mr. Katz,

I came into the store yesterday and spoke to Josh, who suggested that if I was interested in submitting my resume, you would keep it on file. I would like to be considered for any position that becomes available.

I have been to your store many times and it seems like a really great place to work. I am hardworking and responsible and I get along well with people. I know you probably prefer to hire people with retail experience, but in my case I think you should make an exception.

As you can see on my resume, I love music. I love to play music, listen to music, and I someday I would like to write music. I am so enthusiastic about all types of music that I know I would be a great person to help people buy CD's. I know I would have a lot to learn, but I also feel I already have a lot to offer.

I would love a chance to come in to talk to you in person. I will call you Friday afternoon to arrange a time for us to meet. If it is easier for you, please feel free to contact me at my home number, 640-555-1175.
Thank you for your time.



Jesse Brown