Sample Cover Letter

This is a sample of a cover letter for a job where you have similar experience:

Jacob Poulos
12 King Street,
Victoria, BC V1W 1A1
(250) 555-3333

January 10, 2001

Ms. Jennifer Burton
Day Camp Director
Camp Wannabe
222 Lions Bridge Rd,
Suite 201,
Victoria, BC V2R 3Y2

Dear Ms. Burton:

RE: Junior Day Camp Counsellor

I wish to apply for the position of Junior Day Camp Counsellor at Camp Wannabe as advertised on a flyer in the guidance office at my high school.

I love summer camp. Until last year, I spent a month of every summer as a camper at Camp Lotsafun, a residential camp for kids. Over my years there I learned over 100 camp songs. During my last summer as a Counsellor in Training, I learned how to set an example for the younger campers and to be a positive role model. I was often responsible for planning and leading games and crafts activities. Being a leader was a great learning opportunity for me. I developed a strong sense of responsibility – something every counsellor needs.

As you can see from my attached resume, I will be finishing grade 10 in June and would be available to work all summer, full-time. I think I would make an excellent day camp counsellor and I look forward to hearing from you about an interview. My telephone number is (250) 555-3333.



Jacob Poulos