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Youth Employment Services (YES) is Canada's leader and has helped hundreds of thousands of youth find employment and change their lives

Our Donors

YES gratefully acknowledges all the individuals, businesses and foundations that have donated and helped to empower our youth to become contributing members of our community. None of this great work would happen without them.


Visionaries: $250,000+


This Way Ahead Program Sponsor

This Way Ahead



YES On Demand! Program Partner


“United Way Worldwide grant on behalf of the generosity of Citi Foundation”



The Leonard and Gabryela Osin Foundation



Champions: $100,000 – $249,999


Career Accelerator Program Presented By:

HSBC Bank Logo

RBC Foundation


Empowering Youth With Mental Health Issues Program Presented By:

manulife logo



Hero $30,000 – $99,999


Ask A Business Consultant Program Presented By:

HSBC Bank Logo


Peter Gilgan Foundation


Rotary logo

Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable Foundation









Leader $10,000-$29,999




The Christina Mary Hendrie Trust logo
The Christina Mary Hendrie Trust


Mischa Weisz Foundation


The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation


Partner $5,000-$9,999

The Marjorie and Joseph Wright Memorial Foundation

Ted Rogers Community Grant

The Hyclan Foundation

The KPMG Foundation


Builder $1,000-$4,999

Nicole Musicco
Patricia E. Wright
Anthony and Gail Hendrie
Edward Caffyn
Amanda Balasubramanian
Elspeth Gaukrodger
Susie Hendrie
Luzita Kennedy
Julie Crothers
Peter and Beth Oakes
The Henry White Kinnear Foundation


Ambassador $20-$999

Richard Shallhorn and Nancy Baker
Kelli Marie Wright
Lawrence Foerster
Alexandria Pike
Adrian Macdonald
Michael Nadler
Andrew McGuffin
Torin Regier
Clayton Wilson and Donald W. Middleton
Liam Woodside
Matt and Natasha Shoom-Kirsch
Brent Barron
Barb Deneka
David Walsh
Nina Bombier
John E.C. Carr
Utkarsh Subnis
James Hunter
Matthew Ferrone
Ron Latvanen Joan Prior
Pat and Chris Snyder
David Dimmer
Jim Hilborn
Rosalind Waxman
Apramey Rao
David Michael Hayes
Amutha Vipulananda
Brian and Joyce Westlake
Irene Lam
Jason Shvili
Mark J. and An Richardson
Michael H. Morgan
Carolynne Veffer
Neil Philips
Daniel Stoffman
Diane Karnay
John and Carol Heeney
Sudharshana Coomarasamy
John-Paul Bernardi
Branden McEwan
Adrienne MacNeill Hardacre
Mohamed Panju
Amy Liu
Pooja Subnis
Spencer Monckton

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