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Our Donors

YES gratefully acknowledges all the individuals, businesses and foundations that have donated and helped to empower our youth to become contributing members of our community. None of this great work would happen without them.



Visionaries: $250,000+


YES2TECH Program Partner




This Way ONward Program Sponsor

This Way Onward Logo



The Leonard and Gabryela Osin Foundation




Champions: $100,000 – $249,999


Career Accelerator Program Presented By:

HSBC Bank Logo

RBC Foundation




Hero $30,000 – $99,999


Youth Employment Services YES is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Toronto Foundation


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State Street logo


LesLois Shaw Foundation





Leader $10,000-$29,999




Echo Foundation logo


The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation




The Bickle-Wilder Foundation


JP Bickell Foundation


HSBC Bank Logo


Cannonbury Foundation


Jackman Foundation





Partner $5,000-$9,999

The Marjorie and Joseph Wright Memorial Foundation


The Andy and Beth Burgess Family Foundation

Randstad Foundation

Economical Insurance

Frederick and Douglas Dickson Memorial Foundation

The Hylcan Foundation



Builder $1,000-$4,999

St. Georges Society of Toronto
iA Financial Group
Fiera Capital
John M Taylor
Nicole Musicco
Ratehub Inc.
Christine Di Scola
Susie Hendrie
Ravi Nookala
Julie Crothers
James O’Reilly
Patricia E. Wright
Rami El Jurdi
Edward Caffyn
Luzita Kennedy
Patricia E. Wright
Michael Kavanagh
Loadlink Technologies
Alan Greenberg
Ralph Llacar
The KPMG Foundation



Ambassador $20-$999

Deloitte LLP
Richard Shallhorn and Nancy Baker
David Walsh
Rashmi Nathwani
Kelli Wight
Give Foundation
Matt & Natasha Shoom-Kirsch
Elspeth Gaukrodger
Donald W. Middleton
Adrian Merchant Macdonald
Timothy Lang
Michael Nadler
The Lowidt Foundation
Nina Bombier
Lawrence Foerster
PayPal Giving Fund Canada
Joseph Chan
John E.C. Carr
Brent Barron
Pat and Chris Snyder
Steve Dumanski
Judith Anne Hayman
Matina Daniil
David Dimmer
Ron Latvanen
Taren Kidd
David Brown
Karen Blunt
Margaret Fisher
Lauren Lapointe-Shaw
Rosalind Waxman
Patrick Payne
Ryan Haley
Carolynne Veffer
Utkarsh Subnis
Alan Ott
Brent Brockerville
Brian and Joyce Westlake
Graeme Ott
Irene Lam
James Hunter
John and Carol Heeney
Livia Weir
Michael H. Morgan
Paul Mills
Stephen McCourt
Anne Cayer
Neil Phillips
Mohamed Panju
Alicia Strand
Amy Nhan
Diane Karnay
Fairuz Shahriar
Irv Teper
Mary Stratton
Nancy Peressotti
Aisha Yusuf
Richard Robicheau
Daniel Stoffman
Joshua Randell
Melissa Simbhudas
Philip Tomasinski
Ranjan Bhattacharya
Robert Wharram
Lauryn Chamberlain

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