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Good Job! Book

Good Work! Book

Good Work! Facilitator’s Guide

Un travail pour moi!

Good Job! Book

Good Job! Book Cover Good Job! A Young Person’s Guide to Finding, Landing, and Loving a Job by Nancy Schaefer

“I wrote this book to encourage you to believe in yourself. You will get a job,” Nancy Schaefer, President, YES.

The best book on the market for youth

    ► Good Job!… Written specifically for youth.
    ► It’s cool and practical. 
    ► Straightforward, expert advice, plain language… all the basic information to find a job. 
    ► It’s easy to read. Good Job! has tips, checklists, do’s and don’ts.

Written with the help of young people

    ► Young people helped the author, Nancy Schaefer, to ensure Good Job! is youth focused.
    ► Good Job! is youth friendly and easy to read. 
    ► Good Job! understands the difficulties youth face in entering the job market.

You’ll be happy to learn Good Job! is perfect for parents and teachers

    ► Good Job! is a resource book in the Grade 10 Career Studies course in high schools across Ontario.
    ► It’s the perfect book for parents with teenagers. 
    ► As President of YES, Nancy Schaefer is an expert in the field of youth employment.

Being young and looking for work has its advantages. Remind yourself that you have lots to offer an employer. Think positive…
I’m young and full of energy.
I’m creative and have fresh ideas.
I can learn new things.
I feel like I can do just about anything.

ns2NANCY SCHAEFER is President of Youth Employment Services YES, Canada’s first youth employment counselling centre established in 1968. Under Nancy’s leadership, YES has grown into an award winning Centre of Excellence for Youth Employment and Empowerment serving well over 100,000 youth. Nancy has been a tireless advocate for youth employment and entrepreneurship for more than 20 years and appears frequently in the media to remind the public of the important role young people play in our workplaces, our communities and the economy.

We thank The Atkinson Foundation, The McLean Foundation, The Raptors Foundation, the K.M. Hunter Foundation, The Counselling Foundation of Canada and Stoddart Publishing for supporting Good Job!

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Good Work! Book

Good Work! Book CoverGood WORK! Get a GREAT JOB or be your OWN BOSS: a young person’s guide by Nancy Schaefer


Good Work! covers everything you need to get a job, including how to… 

Build an impressive résumé
Write winning cover letters 
Make a great impression at interviews 
Find the jobs that interest you.


If you’re thinking of starting a business, start here for the help you need to…

Create a strong business plan
Market your business 
Manage your time and finances 
Make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Developed with advice from employment and business experts and young people like you, Good Work! is full of tips, dos and don’ts, checklists, and questions and answers. So start here and prove that being young is an advantage.

To purchase a copy of “Good WORK!”, click here or go to your local book store.

“Good Work! is a must-have for any career practitioner looking for a concise, comprehensive and cut-to-the-chase resource targeted at young people stepping into the world of work. Not only has Nancy Schaefer created an impressive compendium of essential work search/entrepreneurial information and processes, but she has done so using refreshingly plain and direct language that young people, or anyone for that matter, can connect with easily. For youth struggling to find their place in an ever-changing and increasingly complex labour market Good Work! simply makes sense.”
– Paula Pothier, Applied Career Transitions Project Coordinator
University of Victoria Career Services

“Nancy’s book is a testament to the importance of planning and preparation for young people to gain employment. A wonderful addition to any career centre library!”
– Rob Shea, Director, Career Development & Experiential Learning
Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NF.

“Great resource for young people looking for work or to start their own business.”
– Marliyn Van Norman, Director, Student Services
University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.

“I have given this book as a gift to every young person in my family and the results have been amazing. It has taken the mystery and fear out of how to get a job by giving simple steps to follow. Nancy Schaefer speaks to young people in a way that they understand, and motivates them to action.”
– Lynda Bell, mother, teacher, and business woman

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Good Word! Facilitator’s Guide

Good Work! Facilitator's Guide Book CoverThe Good Work! facilitator’s guide is designed to assist career and guidance counsellors/job coaches in both employment centres and in secondary schools as they support young people who are preparing to enter the workforce or start a business. These young people need
the knowledge and skills to seek employment or to pursue an entrepreneurial dream.

The guide offers those who are facilitating this learning suggestions and strategies for using the information in Good Work! Get a Great Job or Be Your Own Boss: A Young Person’s Guide (link to good work book) to assist young people in acquiring the skills necessary to allow them to proceed on the path to career success.

Facilitators should access appropriate sections to meet the learner’s needs from the suggested strategies, models of worksheets, and templates.


Designed to support facilitators in advising young people, this guide presents strategies and exercises for having them:

Match their interests and skills to the best possible job choice
Become skilled at completing job applications 
Complete a winning résumé 
Write an appealing cover letter tailored to each employment position 
Handle interview questions 
Maintain positive working relations on the job


For young entrepreneurs more interested in starting their own business, facilitators can assist
them to: 

Assess their self-employment readiness
Determine their location on the business development continuum 
Create a thorough business plan 
Learn about business financials by developing budgets 
Conduct market research and develop a marketing plan 
Incorporate advice from flourishing entrepreneurs to create and maintain a successful business

Click here to purchase a copy of “Good WORK! Facilitator’s Guide”

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Un travail pour moi!

Guide à l’intention des jeunes pour obtenir l’emploi de ses rêves ou démarrer son entreprise

Un travail pour moi!
Guide à l’intention des jeunes pour obtenir l’emploi de ses rêves ou démarrer son entreprise

Un Travail pour Moi Book CoverL’ouvrage en référence fait suite à l’ouvrage Good Job! A Young Person’s Guide to Finding, Landing, and Loving a Job, du même auteure, dans lequel Nancy Schaefer décrit la manière de trouver un emploi quand on est jeune. Le présent ouvrage s’en distingue par son actualité et son volet « création d’entreprise ». Il comporte une table des matières, une préface, des remerciements et 17 chapitres (neuf sur la recherche d’un emploi, sept sur le lancement d’une entreprise et le dernier, sur des ressources utiles complémentaires). Il utilise un ton clair et didactique et est rédigé dans un langage courant aisément compréhensible. Les conseils les plus importants sont répétés à plusieurs reprises. Le contenu se présente sous la forme d’une foire aux questions, par exemple :

Qu’est-ce qu’un emploi à temps partiel?
Comment faire en sorte que mon CV donne de moi l’image que cherchent les employeurs? 
Comment faire du réseautage? 
À quel moment « parler d’argent »? 
Est-ce que je souhaite être mon propre patron? 
Comment réduire mes coûts de lancement? etc.

Tous les chapitres comportent à la fin des rubriques intitulées « Conseils et erreurs à éviter… » et « Où trouver de l’aide supplémentaire…? », ainsi que des exemples, le cas échéant (exemples de CV, de lettres de motivation, de publicité, etc.). Des encadrés intitulés « ASTUCE(S) », « LE POINT DE VUE DE L’EMPLOYEUR » et « BON À SAVOIR » mettent en relief certains points importants.

Les principaux sujets traités sont, pour la recherche d’emploi : l’utilité d’un emploi et les différents emplois envisageables, la préparation à la recherche, l’utilisation d’un formulaire de candidature, d’un CV et d’une lettre de préparation, la préparation et la participation à une entrevue d’embauche et la réussite au travail.

Les principaux sujets traités sont, pour la création d’une entreprise : comment exploiter une bonne idée, le montage d’un plan d’affaires, la recherche de financement, le marketing, l’exploitation d’une entreprise et les comportements adéquats pour réussir dans son entreprise.

Public cible

Ce livre s’adresse aux adolescents et aux jeunes adultes, en fin d’études secondaires ou ayant achevé ou quitté leurs études, à la recherche d’un emploi ou qui se sentent prêts à démarrer leur entreprise.

Cliquez ici pour acheter ce livre.

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